While I was off on compassionate leave in October, I sat down and wrote an article for our church magazine “Heart” on coping with Linda’s death; the emotions and things that we went through and how our faith had been foundational to being able to cope. I found it incredibly therapeutic to write it!

Well last Monday (10th Dec)  this was picked up by the Lancashire Evening Post who ran the article from Heart almost word for word, cutting out one or two paragraphs but all the same, a fantastic privilege to be able to share something of my story with a wider audience.

See First Christmas without Linda for a copy of the article.

Linda and I always said that if we had to go through this, we wanted it to be something that might bring hope and help to others and that God might use it to bring others to a place of faith in Jesus, and already I have had contact from people as a result of it being published!

Please pray for us though; as a result there is wider growing interest in our story and I need real wisdom to know the best way to allow our story to be communicated!