Well I’ve been back at work a month now, so how’s it been? I have to say, right now I feel normal. I feel normal, my kids are behaving normally, and life feels normal. And I literally thank God for that. After everything that’s gone on recently, to be feeling normal is something to be very thankful for. But what is normal? Our normal is probably different to yours! 

Being back at work has been great. I’m not someone who can sit still easily, or for long, and so for me getting back in the saddle as quickly as possible I’ve found to be so helpful. I know some people have been, and still are, worried for me that “it’s too early” or that “I’m rushing things;” I think some people also think I should be falling apart, and that not to is some form of denial or failing, but to be honest, I think I’d go stir crazy if I didn’t get on with life! And in doing so, it also helps heal the pain and was something that Linda gave me permission to do – so you could say I’m under instructions to get on with life! But I genuinely feel normal, which as I keep saying is possible for a Christian whatever we go through! However, I do genuinely really appreciate people’s love and concern for me, it is amazing to know the sense of being carried and lifted by this. Thank you.

It’s been great to be busy again. And already over the last month I’ve begun to see God opening up opportunities for me to lean on what I’ve been through for the benefit of others. Our next issue of Heart goes out this weekend, and I was asked to write an article to follow up Linda’s article of 2 Christmas’s ago. That was actually therapeutic for me to do, and already I have passed it to a friend who has lost their dad this week. I have also found myself talking to people who have lost close friends and family to cancer this year; to friends facing tough decisions in hospital, or who have emotionally been chewed up and spat out by life.

I also got back in the pulpit at Fulwood – and found myself speaking in our series through John’s gospel on: What would Jesus say about…fear? God seems to have a way of throwing me back into the front line very quickly – and it felt as if I was able to speak from a place of experience rather than theory! But then, isn’t that how it should be? Sermons also usually have a boomerang element for the preacher – I just hope it helped others as much as it did me!

So thanks for your support! We are doing great, and by God’s grace, I pray we will continue to walk hand in glove with him through the Christmas period, Ben and Linda’s birthdays etc over the next 6-weeks.