Sometimes being a Pastor is a curious privilege. When you respond to God’s call to ministry, you don’t think, “Great, I get to visit the sick and the dying, to go into hospitals and hospices and then take funerals.” But you do! It is a vital part of your call and ministry and an amazing privilege to be allowed into family circles in tough times and in grief times.

I have had a couple of deeply wonderful days visiting Linda and Chris in the hospice. Sometimes, just to sit quiet by Linda’s bedside and pray in silence, sometimes to chat. Chris and I talked in the Hospice chapel last night. We sat and cried and spoke about the future. There is a quiet, deep dignity about him and Linda at present. I know this is of God.

Yesterday morning, the kids were in church – it’s a place where they are happy. It gave Chris and Linda space to be together, to say “I love you,” to each other and even talk about a song Linda wants if we should need to celebrate her life at a funeral, but I guess you’ll already know the song…”though there’s pain in the offering, blessed be the Name of the Lord!”