Hi there – just a quick update for everyone who I know has been following our story/praying for us. Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot – and there are too many of you for me to say thank you personally.

In my last post I mentioned that we were going to go to Christies to see about Linda going onto a new trial drug. Well, we went last Friday but unfortunately they confirmed that Linda’s cancer has progressed too far for her to go onto this. They spoke to our consultant and planned for her to start a new course of tablet-form chem, one that she hasn’t tried before.

So Linda went for a pre-chemo blood test Monday, but her bloods were too low and so Monday night they rang us and asked Linda to go in overnight for a platelet transfusion. Her bloods continued to deteriorate, and she ended up being in until tonight (Wednesday) having had to have another blood transfusion. She was however allowed home tonight, and has also started the new course of chemo. They are hoping that this will help to reduce her liver swelling, which is now getting significant as is her pain and discomfort which is causing her breathing to struggle.

It’s been a tough week over the last seven days, as we as a family face mum’s health failing quickly together. Talking to the kids about this and the realities of Linda’s illness is always tough, and more so as things gain pace. I have also asked Linda’s family to travel up from Kent to visit her this weekend – that will be VERY tough.

Having had long periods of stability, we have always found that when things happen, they happen fast. Linda and I would therefore really appreciate your continued prayers, as we are now at the place of having to decide whether to carry on with her treatment or not. For now we are watching and seeing what happens with the latest chemo, and then make our decisions as questions of quality of life are now more important than ever.

But in the midst of this the one thing I have found that, although it chokes me to watch my wife struggle and to talk to my kids, there is a tangible sense of peace as we draw strength from a strong sense of assurance. We talked about facing the tough decisions together as Christians knowing where she is going, and this has really given us strength to face what lies ahead of us. Paul writes in Philippians “To live is Christ, to die is gain” and I guess its only really when your back is against the wall that you can claim the right to quote verses like this and really understand them.