It’s been a month or so since I last blogged on Linda and myself, and since many of you are praying and supporting us I thought it was time I’d give you another update, as I promised I would!

We are doing OK at the moment, things in our house are “normal”, which for us is a good thing! Linda is on chemo 2 out of every 3 weeks, but has only one more cycle (starting today) to go before we have to agree/decide what to do next. There are a few options, one of which involves traveling once every 3 weeks to wherever in the country a particular new drug is being trialled, which they are thinking of putting Linda on. The other is starting a new type of chemo longer term.

The bottom line is Linda is very good at the moment – to use our consultant’s words having been very ill at the start of the year, her bloods have returned to “normal” (in a cancer sort of way!) We were told then that half her liver (the right lobe) no longer worked, and the left had started to fail Then this chemo began, as did a Sunday night prayer meeting after the evening service here at Fulwood. Now she is back “to normal” being mum, doing school runs etc. Her hair has even returned curly since this photo was taken! We had a good half term last week, getting out to the lakes for a short walk and picnic one day and a drive up to Stocks Reservoir and the edges of Yorkshire another.

So thank you for your prayers – God does hear – and please don’t stop! When she is not on treatment, her tumour grows rapidly and experience has been that we progress to the next stage. So we really need to know a clear sense of “what next” when we see our consultant on Thursday.