It’s been a while since I last posted here on this subject – but my thoughts are still bubbling around the verses I wrote on last time from Mark, and how farmers intentionally sow and nurture their crops rather than trying to harvest what grows by itself. This is drawing me back again to encouraging us each to think intentionally again who we might reach.

Something that we have been encouraging for a while is the idea of 5 in focus – praying regularly for 5 people who we would like to see share our relationship with God. But maybe 5 seems too many – how about starting with one? If you could reach one person, who would it be?

As the summer is starting early and promises to be a good one, we dusted off our barbecue at the weekend for the first time. It reminded me of what a fantastic opportunity it is to invite friends/neighbours round to spend time with us – and I always intend to invite them round.  But like me and washing up, there’s nothing wrong with intending to do it, it’s the lack of action that’s a problem!!! Since people often need to belong before they want to believe, how about intentionally setting a date in the next two months to finally invite those people round you’ve been meaning to invite for sometime?

With Hope 08 coming up, if we really want to see our friends and family becoming Christians next year, then I guess we need to start further back and begin clearing the ground in readiness now.