They say you should preach messages that impact you first, and in preaching on Fighting your Giants With Faith this was certainly true for me. There were many things that come out of this passage, but for me one of the most helpful came from comparing the reactions to Goliath of the Israelite armies and David. (1 Samuel 17:25&26)

Linda and Tim just before her cancer returned

It’s an old chestnut I guess, but one that takes on greater urgency when you are facing giants. The Israelites compared their giant to themselves. David compared his giant to God. Who had the right perspective?

I find that facing the cancer giant is tough, scary and hard work. It saps my energy, strength and battles my will, forcing me to have to make conscious decisions and choices. There are also no guarantees – David could have been killed! Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego could have burnt in the ovens (Daniel 3) but chose to say instead “We know our God can save us, but even if he doesn’t…” Choosing to fight giants means counting the cost of authentic Christianity, living in the battle with faith, hope and love. We say we want to see God move in power, but to engage in a battle means we will get battle scarred before we get battle hardened. If you don’t believe me, just read through the book of Acts! 

My giants may not be your giants, but your giants are still giant to you. Don’t put yourself under even more pressure by comparing your giant to your situation, or even to someone else’s giant. Instead, try looking at them through eyes of faith that compares them to God and says instead “Still my heart will say, blessed be your name.” “Come Lord Jesus, come.”