FFMC is about to embark on a major building project. To finance this we pray, we trust God, but we also give. In my experience of several building projects and fund raising campaigns, I find it hard to get people to understand a few key issues. Firstly we have not “arrived” because we built a building. The novelty of a new home, a newly decorated room a new conservatory can also be the novelty of a new church building. It’s great whilst it’s new, but this passes! Secondly, everyone takes a deep breath when they get to know how much it costs, but then discover that God steps into people’s pockets as well as their hearts and finance is wonderfully found! Thirdly, getting the right perspective; that buildings are useful, liberating and enjoyable tools for the work God has called us to.

I recently read of two men laying bricks. Someone asked the first man what he was doing. “I am laying bricks,” was the reply. They went to the second man and asked the same question. His reply said it all. “I am building a cathedral!”