A first post on the blog bog from Sue Chastney – Pastoral church worker I would like to welcome all of you to the Lightfoot Lane Blog . My husband is an accomplished blogger but this is something very new to me ! I am actually unsure of what to write but my husband ( The web site administrator) is keen that someone makes a start, so why not me ! I hope that you find our web site enjoyable & informative. Although still very much a novice with all things IT I do enjoy reading blogs and surfing the net.I am constantly amazed at what you can find at the touch of a button. At the moment a lot of my time is spent preparing for our ladies weekend away in just over two weeks time. I have searched for some illustrations that I can use and that are funny and have found some great ones ( if your coming on the weekend I hope you enjoy them). I also get sent a lot of funny things from friends and colleagues some of them seem to come just at the right time, they cheer me up when I am sad & encourage me when I am low. Some just make me count my blessings and turn my heart toward God.  Although I do find computing a constant learning curve I do enjoy having it. I love not having to rub out and start all over again when writing something, cut & paste is brill! I love MSN ( It’s often the way I call my son from his bedroom for his tea !!!) I enjoy email, its the first thing I do when I get home is to just check to see if I have anything in my inbox. It is no substitute for real letters though but will do as a good second.