Below you will find details of a talks series that we embarked on in the Summer of 2015.


Jesus talks about building a kingdom, but what kind of a kingdom is it? In our morning series we’ll be looking at some of the parables and through them we’ll see some of the principles of the kingdom that Jesus is building.


Evil things done to the helpless are always evil, but sometimes things happen to us which can be part of God’s plan for us. Some downplay their circumstances and live in an unreal world, others over-endorse them and use them as an excuse for whatever they want to do. How we react to the circumstances of our lives is crucial, and it defines our destiny.

Romans 8 tells us that God has a great plan for blessing us, and others through us. BUT God has to prepare us for what is to come – James 1:2-4 says we should count it all joy when problems come our way because God is equipping our character to be ready for anything as we fulfil our destiny.

In this series we see how some Biblical characters worked through some challenging periods of their lives which forged them to be the men and women God could use and what we can learn from them.


Talks Series: FRONTLINE – “I BELIEVE…”

Talks Series: FRONTLINE – “I BELIEVE…”


Christians are commissioned to make a difference where they are now, not where they would like to be. The good news according to ‘us’ is what most people will read. We are always on the frontline and the front page.  We live out our identity as God’s children in ordinary life as well as in the special events, the good times and the bad. How we live is front page news to someone seeking God.

Our morning series looks at front line living, facing some of today’s big issues with the sure-footed serenity and character outlined in Galatians 5, which comes from the Holy Spirit. We look at some of the works of the Holy Spirit to enable us to live attractive lives even in a complex and messy world which are compelling statements of the changes that Christ can make in us.


Being a Christian is much more than simply being able to recite a Creed.

God brings together a whole kaleidoscope of different people across the world to be “His Church”. We see in the Bible the core beliefs that unite us, and discover how we can share them with a world looking for meaning and truth.

Our Evening Series focusses on:

What we Believe – Why we believe it

So that we can share our beliefs in a way that is gentle and respectful, yet thought provoking and effective.

“Worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it, but do this in a gentle and respectful way…..”  

1 Peter 3   v 15

Talks Series: Living a Great Life

Talks Series: Living a Great Life


Positive Living in a Negative World

Swimming against the tide is not easy. We live in a world which challenges how we live as Christians. Do we live by “do’s” and “don’ts” or can we live a great life by taking hold of how God longs for us to live?

“I came so you can have real and eternal life, more and better life than you ever dreamed of!” John 10:10 (Message)

Our Autumn morning series looks at the Book of Proverbs which is a treasury of wisdom and tips for living a great life.


Talks Series: “What Does Jesus Say To…?” – “Summer in Rome”

Talks Series: “What Does Jesus Say To…?” – “Summer in Rome”

We have two new Talks Series for the Summer of 2014:


The Gospels are full of accounts of Jesus having life-changing meetings with different kinds of people. You may be one of those, or know someone who is. We look at six such meetings – what did Jesus say and what happened? What would Jesus say to us today?

Podcasts for this series can be found here.


In October we took a look at the first 7 chapters of this amazing letter. We are reminded that when this letter originally arrived in Rome, hardly anyone read it – there were so many other important things to read, Imperial Decrees, Exquisite Poetry, finely crafted philosophy, and yet in a very short time this letter eclipsed them all.

In the first half of the book Paul wrote about the contrasts of judgement with good news, faith with rules keeping, freedom with bondage, and war with peace. In the second half of the book he applies these truths to the day to day lives of his readers in a way which is as relevant now as it was then.

Podcasts for this series can be found here.


Talks Series: “Inspire and Equip” – “I AM”

Talks Series: “Inspire and Equip” – “I AM”

During the spring of 2014 we will be looking at two series.


Jesus taught people using parables. Our morning talks will be on the parables about serving God. We will link these with real life stories from the Book of Acts to learn how the first Christians put Jesus’ teaching into action.


 ‘We beheld His glory, the glory of the One and Only who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.’ John 1 v 14

In John’s gospel, Jesus made seven powerful statements beginning with ‘I AM.’ Our evening talks will focus on each of these statements. These will deepen our understanding of the person of Jesus and how He affects our lives. John 14 v 7: Jesus said, ‘If you really know me you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know Him and have seen Him.’ The final message in the series concerns the question Jesus asks us all: ‘What about you? Who do you say that I am?’

The leaflet for this series is shown below:

Series New and Old

We’re about to start a whole new set of series at Fulwood.

In the morning we are continuing to look at our vision for 2011 and the areas where we would love to see God stretch our faith. In the evening we are looking at the advice the Paul gives to the church in Corinth through his letter to them – 1 Corinthians.

That got me thinking about the various series we have progressed our way through over the years. The following graphics cover most of the series since 2006.

How many of these do you remember?

Life's Healing Choices

Sometimes they are based on a topic. Sometimes they are based on a book in the Bible or some Bible characters.

Life Stories

I know that the team who pray and plan these series have a desire to be relevant to real life and to be truthful to the Bible – the whole Bible.

What would Jesus say...

We’ve not always picked the easy bits and we don’t shy away from the tricky bits.


Sometimes the focus is on the Old Testament, sometimes it’s the New Testament.

Ordinary Heroes

The podcasts on Major Messages from Minor Prophets, which looked at those little books at the back of the Old Testament continue to get visitors because they aren’t regularly covered.

Life in the Crossfire

Series help us to focus on the breadth of a subject rather than just dipping in or skimming over the tope of everything.

A Rock and a Heart Place Teaching Series


The podcasts for each series are grouped into categories so you could go back and listen to everything from a whole series if you chose to. Check down the right-hand side for Series and you’ll see them all listed there.

Unlocking Your Potential Teaching Series

The topical series have covered issues from Work Life Balance to The Second Coming, from miracles to failure.


“What would Jesus say…” is unique in being the subject of two series – but what better subject could there be for a revisit. The words of Jesus should always be at the centre of who we are and what we do.


In the Fresh Hope series we came together with other churches in Hope 08.


The leaflets for the series are mostly still available on the web site if you’d like to revisit the subjects.


There have been some series that have been particularly significant for me personally. They’ve influenced who I am and my relationship with God.


I’m really looking forward to the new series.

Live a Great Life, Walk a Great Walk