Lightfoot Lane – Reopened

Lightfoot Lane – Reopened

Over the last few weeks Lightfoot Lane has been closed between Eastway and the Lansdown Hill junction.

The road has now reopened, but there are still traffic lights at the junction causing some delays.

It’s Friday: “Shadow Step” by Hillsong United

It’s Friday: “Shadow Step” by Hillsong United

Here’s a new song from Hillsong United that the band on Sunday morning are planning on singing.

Have a listen and let the words become familiar to you, then you can join straight in on Sunday morning.

The lyrics start quite small, but do get bigger as the song progresses:

ROAD CLOSED: Lightfoot Lane from Eastway

ROAD CLOSED: Lightfoot Lane from Eastway

IMPORTANT: If you travel to Fulwood Free Methodist Church via Eastway then please take note of the following information.

Lightfoot Lane is currently closed between Eastway and the Lansdown Hill Junction and will be for at least three weeks from 16th August 2017. We’ll let you know when it has reopened.

There are also traffic lights on Eastway itself which is likely to create delays at certain times of day.

The closure is to enable the fitting of a new drain to service the new houses in Wesley Chase.

Fulwood Free Methodist Church is still accessible via Garstang Road (A6) and Lightfoot Lane.

The following map shows the area section that is closed; below the map is a set of pictures of the roadworks as they are today:

Pictures of the road closure from 17th August 2017:

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Heart Magazine – Summer 2017 | Bucketloads of Goodness

Heart Magazine – Summer 2017 | Bucketloads of Goodness

1000 Words is Never Enough

When I interview someone for Heart magazine, I’m aware that 1000 words can never do justice to the emotion and the truth they want to express. It takes courage to share your story in black and white, so I doublecheck every detail. It must be right! Despite tough experiences – from earthquakes and war to debt or eating disorders – I’ve met people who are extraordinarily resilient, who react with thankfulness, goodness, forgiveness, and faith. All the stories, courses, photos and adverts in Heart are offered by Christians from Fulwood Free Methodist Church. We warmly welcome you to join us, or use the details on the back cover to contact us for more information.

Making Good Choices

‘Tragedy!’ or ‘Good News!’ Which of these headlines attracts you the most? Many of us are intrigued by death, horror and fear. We can be fascinated by the gory details in other people’s stories. Bob and Helena (p2-3) were brutally attacked, but they’d prefer it if, when you’ve read their article, you remember the goodness they experienced in the aftermath. ‘Goodness’ is what inspired the cover picture of ‘Heart’ – a bucket overflowing with good fruit. Goodness helps us cope with tragedy. Good stories lift our minds and spirits. But where do we find goodness and how do we keep hold of it? We start by making good choices: Truth or lie? Care or ignore? Encourage or criticise? Kind or cruel? Patient or furious? Give or steal? 1 Thessalonians 5 v 21: ‘Test everything; hold fast to what is good.’

Enjoy Heart!

Katharine (Editor)

WORDS OF THE CROSS | Easter 2017 Talks Series

WORDS OF THE CROSS | Easter 2017 Talks Series

Mornings & Evenings 19th March – Easter 2017

How do we begin to understand the cross of Christ?

What did it mean to Jesus? How did the early Christians understand it and speak about it?

Why did they use some big words to explain it?

In this Lent series we will look at some of the important words and picture use from the Old and New Testaments to understand the cross of Jesus and all it means in history, in our lives and in eternity.



Online Prayer Requests

Online Prayer Requests

As a church it is our privilege to pray for you and your needs.

It’s also a delight to celebrate with you in your praises too.

We’ve recently updated this site so that you can send in you prayer requests and praises online.

How? Simply go to, fill in the form, press send and one of our pastoral team will pray.