Songs for All Seasons | When the Devil Knocks | Prayer through Lent | What I really, really want to know is… | Talks Series – Winter/Spring 2018

Songs for All Seasons | When the Devil Knocks | Prayer through Lent | What I really, really want to know is… | Talks Series – Winter/Spring 2018


Mornings – 14th January to 4th February 2018

As one singer song writer once put it, “Sad songs say so much!”

We somehow find a way to sing, or at least have a song for all seasons of our lives. Happy or sad, in love or struggling with life, somehow, we sing!

Psalms is the song book of the Bible. 150 songs expressing an incredible range of thoughts, feelings, hopes, beliefs and experiences. We will share a short series from some favourite Psalms to help us sing when we are winning and, yes when we feel like we are losing it!


Evenings – 14th January to 4th February 2018

In this 4 week series we look at who the Devil is, and how he attempts to attack our lives in various ways. We will find that as people of faith in Jesus we can have the strength and confidence to resist him.

1 Peter 5 v 9 “Be alert! Your enemy the Devil prowls around…resist him, standing firm in the faith”.


Mornings and Evenings – 11th March to 25th March 2018

Many Christians will readily admit that prayer is one of the most difficult things we attempt. The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray. Sounds very spiritual, but they then fell asleep praying at one of the most important times in Jesus’ life. At least they asked Jesus to teach and they did learn to prioritise prayer!

We believe that prayer is the privilege of communion with God. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we honour our founder members who prayed for this church before it was ever built.

So how do we inherit their legacy? How do we pray?

What I really, really want to know is…

Mornings – 8th April to 22nd April 2018

The questions most non-church folk ask are simple and direct – but so profound that many find them difficult to answer. They reflect the age in which we live, where everyone’s opinion of truth is valid, as long as it doesn’t give offence.

This is an occasional series to answer some of these questions. It is designed both for enquirers and to help those who’ve been asked those questions, but didn’t know how to respond.

It’s Friday: “The Squalor and The Saviour” by Josh Gauton

It’s Friday: “The Squalor and The Saviour” by Josh Gauton

We continue our Advent journey with a new song from Josh Gauton who is based in Birmingham where he is the Worship Central Creative Director as well as undertaking his solo projects.

In the still and calm
Through the hallowed night
Underneath a winter sky
Came the promised King
Not in palace courts
But a filthy stable floor

Holy night when worlds collided
Love eternal chose a form
Flesh and blood with heaven united
In a humble manger born
Oh the wonder of that moment
Human birth met the divine
The squalor and the saviour
The baby that was God

There’s an acoustic version of this song that Josh recorded in his garden in the recent snow which is also posted below. Josh has also written about the story behind the song:

This Christmas I’ve been particularly struck by thinking about the very wild fact that at this time of year we are remembering the historical event when the creator of the universe, all powerful and incomprehensibly vast, was literally birthed by an impoverished teenage girl in rural modern-day-Palestine. Just take a little second to let that sink in – this is not just an ordinary heart-warming ‘festive’ story! More…

It’s Friday: “Noel” featuring Lauren Diagle

It’s Friday: “Noel” featuring Lauren Diagle

As we enter Advent we thought we’d celebrate the season with some songs for the season that focus on the amazing gift that is the birth of Jesus.

This is a Chris Tomlin song sung by Lauren Diagle.

Love incarnate, love divine
Star and angels gave the sign
Bow to babe on bended knee
The Saviour of humanity
Unto us a Child is born
He shall reign forevermore


Noel, Noel
Come and see what God has done
Noel, Noel
The story of amazing love!
The light of the world, given for us



Christmas Events 2017 | Join us on the journey

Christmas Events 2017 | Join us on the journey

We have lots of activities planned for Christmas 2017 including

  • Christmas Proms with the Preston Music Centre Concert Band
  • O Holy Night with the FreeVoices Community Choir
  • Breakfast at Bethlehem
  • and so much more

On Sunday’s we will be thinking about some of the journeys involved in the Christmas events. You are invited to join us on the journey.